May 8, 2021

Wine tasting outdoor among vineyards

What Country Surprises Us With Exceptional 2018 Vintage Wines?

Chile’s 2018 vintage has been declared by several winemakers as one of the best in recent years!


When nature and man team up, things can only be marvelous!


This happened in Chile! Compared to the 2017 vintage, this year things came back to normal. This year the temperature, the harvest time and all the other factors went hand in hand as if talking to give you a great range of wines.

It is always difficult to generalise, but all of Chile’s major production regions have so far reported a good year for wine quality and average to above average yields.

Official figures haven’t been released yet, but it is estimated 2018’s harvest was approximately 1.1 billion kilos, which is in-line with the annual average and a 20% increase from last year.

Northern and coastal Chile did particularly well this year, following some much-needed winter rains that reduced the ever-present drought threat.

Read the detailed article here.

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