January 18, 2021
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2018 California’s Wine Report

The majority of  wine lovers are eager to see reports from the region where their favourite wines come from. In this case California – California’s wine growing regions produces some great unique and diverse wines, with different flavors and characteristics being derived from the soil, climate etc.

2018 California’s Wine Report

Due to consistent growing conditions and cooler temperatures, that allowed the grapes to mature slowly, this was a great year for winegrowers in regions across the state.

The harvesting process began from 10 days to three weeks later compared to 2017 and vintners are reporting exceptional quality grapes.

Some regions like San Diego, Paso Robles and County Temecula, experienced some issues with heat spikes.

But the majority reported temperatures throughout the season with little to no frost damage.

The United States Department of Agriculture’s August forecast of 4.1 million tons in 2018, up 2% from 2017, and above the historical average of 3.9 million tons was confirmed by the vintners. Overall, vintners are very proud of both quality and quantity of the 2018 vintage.

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