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Bored in quarantine?

Drink@Home in quarantine

Here are some amazing virtual tastings and cooking demos!

Due to the recent crisis that the whole world is experiencing these days, most of the industries had to re-think their strategies to remain connected with their customers.

While we are forced to spend our time at home, the main activity for all of us (beside our jobs) is to cook – an activity for which many of us didn’t had time in the past to focus on it.

And what goes better with cooking your favorite meal? A glass of wine, of course!

Reason for which, California Wineries host virtual tastings and cooking demos for those who want to stay connect with their favorite wineries.

Below, we present you some demos in which you might be interested:

Virtual Tastings

 1.   “Wine & Wishes” it’s a weekly virtual tasting hosted by Belden Barns that features bottlings from Sonoma County winery’s portfolio. The winemakers test how the wines taste it’s changing when paired with random items they have around.Curious enough? Register here on zoom and enjoy this every Sunday at 5pm PDT through May 24

2. On Instgram Live we have the Tablas Creek Vineyard in Paso Robles which is providing some insights from what happens at the vineyard and winery with some interesting interviews from the staff members along celebrities. Follow them and check their insta live each Wednesday and discover what they do.

3. Another Zoom call seminar is available on 2’nd of May from the Anderson Valley Winegrowers Association. They will dive into the region’s history, as well as terroirs and wines. Don’t miss them out, register here

4. El Dorado Wines is also hosting some virtual events together with local winemakers and has a new video series called El Dorado Edge. Visit them here to discover more about times and days.

And because of so much wine we may get hungry, let’s see what ideas we have at our disposal

Cooking Demos

1. In 23 April we meet with Stacey Combs – the executive chef at Sonoma’s Ram’s Gate Winery – showing us how to cook some amazing braised short ribs with creamy polenta (one of my favourites) Of course there is going to be a wine pairing as well. If sounds yammy to you – register for the zoom session in here and enjoy the advance list of wines and ingredients you’ll receive in order to cook the dish all by yourself.

2. Next day on 24 April you can meet Kendall-Jackson Winemaster Randy Ullom and Executive Chef Justin Wangler in partnership with Wine.com hosting an interactive virtual tasting and cooking demonstration. You will discover three recipes from the winery’s cookbook, plus a walkthrough of fan-favorite wines: the Kendall-Jackson Vintner’s Reserve Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, as well as the Grand Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon.

3. If you are still busy in this times and can’t make it to the above virtual events don’t worry. You have the opportunity to see each Sunday at 3pm PDT, J Vineyards & Winery hosting live cooking demonstrations on Instagram Live with the winery’s executive chef, Mr. Carl Shelton. Head over to their Instagram page to follow along.

Source: Forbes

So, if you are a wine lover and want to stay connected with your favorite winery and try new meals, check one of these demos.

Enjoy!  Stay home! Stay safe!

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